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Atlas Property Management LLC (APM) developed out of necessity, as so many businesses do. Its founders are Real Estate Investors who developed a portfolio of investment properties over the course of several years. As their portfolio grew, they saw the need for competent management. The time intensive process of interviews, hirings and firings finally lead us to a simple conclusion. We can do this better.

APM is founded by investors just like you who wanted a property manager as focused on their properties and financial success as they were. Trial an error in real world experiences helped us develop a hands-on management system not available anywhere else in the market place.

Our attention to detail and pursuit of excellence for its own sake has helped many of our clients transform portfolios from money pits to positive cash flow investments. We take pride in what we do. Our clients see the results on their bottom lines.

About Us

Atlas Property Management LLC is full service property management company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our focus is on the management of single-family and multi-family residential properties in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We provide clients with assistance in tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance, bill pay, book keeping and many other services. At APM we know the kind of attention your portfolio needs because we are investors too.

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Before managing any property, APM will complete a comprehensive portfolio evaluation. This evaluation analyzes the condition, rent roll, occupancy and cash flow of each property in the portfolio. We will include suggestions for improvement where necessary, and highlight areas where our services will be a benefit.

This service is free of charge and there is no further obligation once the evaluation is complete. Take a few moments to enter your information and we will contact you to discuss your property(s) in further detail.  Get My Portfolio Evaluation

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